Don't Create A Business, Create A Movement

I'm no longer running a clothing line but from time to time, I still get emails from people asking for advice.  The majority of them asks the same question ... "How do I start a clothing line?" So my reply to them is... "The way to start a clothing line is to start a movement." So they usually follow that up with a "What do you mean?" Well, what I mean is to create a following. You have to have  people that eat, sleep, and breathe your brand before anything. They have to believe in what you stand for first and foremost. Someone once told me that it's better to have someone that believes in the movement than just a one time customer. I think that is true because once your movement is established, not only will your customers be repeat customers, but they will be a walking talking advertisement for you. They will feel as if they are apart of something bigger than just a clothing company. And if you continue to feed that movement,  it will continue to grow into something bigger than you ever dreamed of. And that my friend is what will create longevity for you.

This doesn't apply to just clothing lines neither. You see musicians do this everyday. A quick example would be the rapper Machine Gun Kelly (MGK). I was fortunate to see his movement grow from no one knowing who the hell he was, to thousands of kids shutting down a mall, screaming his name. I know it took blood,  sweat and tears to build what he accomplished, but just standing on the outside looking in... I know he got to feel shocked at how fast and large his Est/Lace Up movement has grown...

A lot of people out here is here to make a quick buck, but the smartest people know that in order to sustain wealth you have to have longevity.  And in order to have longevity you have to build a movement so that people could have a purpose to continue to support you.

From time to time, I will post stuff like this because hey I'm a business major in college and this type of stuff interest me.

I'm really fascinated with the idea behind creating movements...

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