Let's get physical... And mental... And spiritual!

Sooo... A couple of weeks ago, my husband (abw711) asked me to be a guest blogger here, and since he and the "munchkin" are taking a nap, I guess I finally have a few quiet moments to post something! I suppose I should introduce myself. My name is Bridgette, but many people call me either "Sunni" or "Bridge." Except for my sister who has an interchangeable array of silly nicknames for me, including "Budge," "Skipper," and "Shua." (Don't ask.) I'm currently the stay-at-home mom of a beautifully lanky, acrobatic, usually happy, yet at times feisty and overly dramatic 2-year-old girl. She's as sweet as an apple dumpling, but when she digs in her heels, she's as stubborn and strong-willed as an ox! Hmm, sounds a lot like me at that age. Karma, perhaps...? *shrugs* Right now, I'm also a graduate student. My background is in psychology and I'm hoping to start a Masters program in Health Promotion and Education this upcoming spring semester at my alma mater: The University of Cincinnati. (Bearcat fo' ly-eefe!) My ultimate goal is to become a Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES), and develop and implement programs that will help to educate the public about disease prevention and that will encourage the adoption of a healthy lifestyle overall. My target audience, however, is the Black community, and as long as Black folks refuse to visit doctors (even when they're sick) and insist on keeping salt, chitterlings, and deep fryers in their kitchens, my work will not be complete. Everybody who knows me knows how much I LOVE the medical field and everything health-related, so this is right up my alley. I'm secretly hoping it will also keep me honest about my own health habits. For me, health is a collaboration of the mind, body, and spirit. So in the weeks to come, I will be posting things that I feel are important to our complete well-being. Until then... Live well, love hard, and laugh often!! ~B

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