My Phone...My Addiction

I don't have a IPhone but thought this picture was fitting and funny...

Everybody has an addiction...

Most people are just afraid to admit it because maybe they feel that they will be judged or see it as a sign of weakness. I don't see it that way though. I see it as being human. I see it as an opportunity, to bring it out into the open to discuss how it affects not only yourself but the people around you.

My addiction is my phone.

But I promise you, it didn't use to be that way. I think it became worse once I received my first smartphone. (Having my own online business didn't improve things either-having to be connected to email 24-7 was no joke) Mainly because there was so much that you can do with it. Internet, Take pictures, Customization, and not to mention thousands of apps that were available. Its like a entertainment hub in the palm of your hands. Its crazy how much time could pass by staring at your phone doing God knows what. Its gotten to a point where I feel like I can't live without it. Maybe because I feel like I would miss out on so much. I remember one day, I was running late to work and I forgot my phone at home. Part of me was like, "Its cool, I will just get it when I get home." The other part of me was like, "Damn, I wonder who texted me?, What's going on, on Instagram? Who called me? What if I get a voicemail and its important?" Its like a junky going "cold turkey" in his first stage of recovery. (Yeah, its that And when I finally got my phone back, its like "Ahhhhh YEAH!!!!! Everything is right in the world.....My phone and I have reunited and it feels so gooooddddd. I know people will probably read this and be like, you need help...And they are probably right. But you know what? They are probably reading this on their phone right now....missing out on life. Missing out on communicating-the old school way. You know, when you actually had to speak face to face to each other. Missing out on precious times that you can't get back and that money can not buy. My wife tells me every other day, that I am on my phone WAY TOO MUCH. And I usually just say something defensive like, "No I'm not!" or "You are on your phone just as much as I am" But deep down inside, I know she is right. I know that I need to "power down" and do the family thing more often. Social networks will always be there, but your loved ones may not. My daughter has her own Ipod and she uses it and my phone, to access apps and watch youtube videos. She is only 2 years old!!! She can't even formulate full sentences but knows how to move to different screens and open apps. Its crazy! And she see me on my phone and not paying attention to her and makes her want to do the same thing. So, with all of this being said, I will TRY to spend less time on my phone and more time relishing in the moments that God has allowed me to partake in. Any addiction is hard to overcome, but making the necessary strides to change things is a great first step. (So I tell myself).

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