My Reaction To "The Verse" -Kendrick Lamar Saved Rap

Every morning I have a ritual.

I wake up. Take a shower. Help my wife with changing and feeding our daughter (sometimes lol). Grab something to eat. And then take a couple of minutes to go to twitter and tweet my "Thought Of The Day" before I clock in for work.

So if I have a little extra time, I usually just scroll through my time line to see what's going on...Normally it is the same bs but today all I kept seeing is Kendrick Lamar and how he killed this verse. So being the Hip Hop Head I am, I had to find the song that people were talking about. And I finally found it!

It was called "Control" and it was a Big Sean joint featuring, Kendrick Lamar and also Jay Electronica. So I'm hyped. All three emcees can spit, so I couldn't wait to hear it. So by this time, work started and I told myself that I will just listen to it on my first break. Break comes around and the first thing that I do is open up youtube on my phone. Got the song and started to listen. First off is Big Sean, and he is killing it. I don't know why, but I always thought that Big Sean had a unorthodox rapping style. Not unorthodox in a bad way, its just different than anybody that's out right now. He also never seem to have any passion behind his verses, so his dope lines tend to have no lasting impact/or impression. They just fade away from my memory until I hear the song again and remember that his verse was nice. Any way I digress. Once Kendrick came on, and starting spittin, I immediately was able to tell that he was about to go in! Now I must admit, I'm not too hip to Kendrick Lamar. I mean, I heard several songs from him and I knew he could spit. I especially liked the "Kill My Vibe" Remix with Jay-Z and him spazzing out on the last verse. So I expected pretty much the same type of effort from him with this one. And he didn't let me down. So after a few bars it seems as if his verse took a sharp turn. It was like he was saying, "Hold up! I'm not finished yet, I still got something to say!" And started bring up rappers names. Now its like a unspoken rule in Hip Hop, that if you bring up a rapper's name in a song, you can expect some type of backlash or retaliation. This dude named 10 rappers!! But he did it in a way where he wasn't actually dissing them, which I have never seen done before.

He was basically telling them to step their game up! If no one is willing to put in the effort to take the crown, I WILL!!!

I for one, was like YES!!!!! This is what Hip Hop needs!!! Finally, somebody had the BALLS to say something like this. I have been upset with Hip Hop lately, and this was like a breath of fresh air! He reminded people that rapping is a competitive sport. You want to be respected as the best, you have to master your craft so that you could be the best. I think people were reading too much into what he said or what he didn't say. (People are saying why he didn't say this persons name or that persons name, etc) He also mentioned being the "King Of New York" which lit the fire under some of the east coast rappers, which spawn a rebuttal from Joell Ortiz (Which I think actually killed Kendrick's Verse) but that is what Kendrick wanted. He called Hip Hop out for being soft and the lost of its gritty edge. In other words, I think these Hip Hop artists today are too nice.

Jay Electronica closed out the song and his verse was just okay. He really fell off. It was sort of ironic to have him come on after Kendrick because he was the one that was suppose to be the next to take the throne. He was the one that was suppose to be calling out Hip Hop for what it is. He was the one that was suppose to be spitting the type of verse Kendrick just spit. I am sorta disappointed in him. I have yet to hear one positive comment about his verse on the song.

Anyway, didn't mean for this to be too long, I just wanted to share my thoughts on the "verse heard around the world". Again, it wasn't the best verse I ever heard. I think it was a verse created to be a "wake up call". This could apply not just to rappers, but to anybody's profession. Staying complacent doesn't help you grow and get to where you want to be. Challenging others will help you raise the bar and go to the next level as well. But with this being about a Hip Hop, this was a verse created to let emcees know that what you are doing isn't good enough. And for that reason, his verse will remain memorable.

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