Remembering Tomorrow Is Not Guaranteed

How cliche is it to say...

"Live For Today! Because Tomorrow Is Not Promised!"

I know we all have heard this, but how many people actually do it? The older we get, the more focus is on doing things for tomorrow, as if tomorrow will always be there. There is nothing wrong with planning for the future, but I feel that a lot of the time people focus on tomorrow too much and forget about living life today. When I was part owner of a business, I use to always tell my wife, "Its okay, we can do this tomorrow" or "Lets go next week". And she use to reply by saying, "Well what if I'm not here tomorrow?" I think she said this only to try to have me put life in perspective. Our time here is limited, and we all should take advantage of the blessing and opportunity God has given us to experience life on earth. So why am I saying all of this? Maybe because I'm guilty of making this mistake day in and day out. We live in a world where people are consumed with money, and overwhelmed by bills that we forget to enjoy ourselves. Okay, that's my sappy message for today. Carry on...

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