SaTECHday-Floating Outdoor Cinema

SaTECHday IS BACK!!!!! Every Saturday I will TRY to post something that I think is DOPE that is new and and innovative that you may or may not have heard about.

If you are going to be in Thailand anytime soon, check out the Archipelago Cinema located off the coast of Yao Noi. You gotta take a boat out to the location, but the cinema features a large floating projection screen and a floating raft made from recycled materials. They are saying that it could be potentially the largest panoramic movie theater in the world.

Its kinda of romantic if you are in to those kind of things...I mean, how suave would it be to be like, "Baby, we going to the movies, but we gotta take this boat to the theater...

I can't help but to think though...Its all fun and games till a big ass tidal wave come crashing in...

Also I wonder if they show movies that involved large bodies of water, like Titanic, Life Of Pi, Perfect Storm, etc.

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