I think I decided...

I will be going on to get my Masters in Business Administration. I came to this conclusion just now. The only thing that really scared me about pursuing a masters was finding who would write recommendation letters for me. And also I always hear about the 10-15 page papers that you have to write. I am not a huge fan of writing papers. (Now thats kinda funny, coming from a blogger). Like I was saying in another post, I feel that I am behind, with me just now getting my bachelors at the age of 34. But I feel motivated with seeing my younger brother get his masters, and this girl at my job that is younger than me, just enrolled back in school to pursue her SECOND masters. I feel like I can do this.

Just the other day, I met with a career counselor at my college and it felt weird. I don't know if any of you seen the movie Office Space before, but I felt like Peter when he met with the Occupational Hypnotherapist. Here I was, sitting across the desk from this guy, telling him my problems with finding a career while he just nods his head like he truly understands. Like he thinks he could actually help me. At the end of our session he emails me a list of assessments to fill out that is SUPPOSE to help give me a idea of what I should do. But I felt like I left the session with more questions than answers. Its not really his fault though. When we were discussing my current job, things that I am passionate about, my likes and dislikes, etc., I was sort of all over the place. So I am still trying to find my way. Still trying to figure out whats best for me and for my family.

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