Want the New Iphone 5S? All you need to know in 10 quick easy steps...lol

Forget about all that technical talk these techie blogs give you! Let me give you the information that us "normal" people care about...

1. As of now, it comes in silver, gray and gold (NO WHITE!)

2. Its a little bit taller, lighter, and screen is bigger (4 inches)

3. Updated chip (Which basically means its faster)

4. Sprint, Verizon, At&t, and T-Mobile will have it

5. It has Touch ID where you can lock and unlock with finger print scanned

6. Still a 8 Megapixel camera but it has been updated tremendously with what they call iSight

7. There is slo-mo video and you can take pictures while recording also

8. Battery last longer

9. Comes with a travel case

10. Comes with iOS7

Oh yeah, the picture below is the new phones...that's it.

P.S. Oh I almost forgot. They came out with a cheaper Iphone too called IphoneC. Its basically the Iphone5 but in colorful plastic cases...You're welcome!

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