If You Aren't Married Yet...Read This!!!

My wife and I as cartoon characters... Lol... No relationship is perfect and no relationship will be the same. There isn't a blueprint to follow. You have to go with what is comfortable for you and your spouse. Guys, checking with your spouse, dosen't mean that you are "whipped". Its a sign of respect. Ladies, not winning an argument dosen't mean that you are weak. Its not even a win or lose thing. Its an understanding that you two may not agree with each other all the time. Don't believe it when someone tell you that you should never go to bed angry. It will happen. As long as you communicate and remember that you will have good days and bad days, you will be fine. And when you do have bad days, keep smiling and have a sense of humor. Don't worry too much, because worrying solves nothing.

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