Love each other

I just completed my one and only history class for my Business Degree that I am pursuing and it was a eye opener. The main focus of the class was on African American history, slavery and segregation. This part of history wasn't new to me but I think learning (or relearning it) now that I am older, I have a better of understanding of what really happened. To put it nicely, it was messed up. I am so glad that I weren't alive during that time. To be honest, black or white, I don't know how people lived through all of this. People being treated less than human, being taught hatred from birth, and passing it down to their kids. It just made me realize how much things have really changed and in some cases, how much things are the same. My friend was taking a African American History class at the same time at his college and he shared quotes and stories with me via text. We both came up with the conclusion that we are all people, regardless of race, origin , and color. We really should focus on uniting instead of fighting each other.

Now I'm taking Intro to Christian Theology and I think there was no coincidence that this course was scheduled next.

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