Its time to execute!

I wanted to revisit a tweet that I did a few days ago that talked about the poor, the rich, and the wealthy. 

And how they grind,  hustle, and execute. 

All my life I have been surrounded by the grind.  The poor wants to do everything in order to become rich. We want to be singers,  rappers,  basketball players,  etc. So we spend our whole life chasing these dreams with the hopes of being that one in a million person that "make it big". You will always hear, "You have to grind in order to shine... Blah, blah, blah."  The grind is all I knew growing up. Mom and Dad was always coming up with something new that they could do in order to make money. My mom had three jobs at one time! And don't get me wrong, I appreciate it and understand why they did it. They were only doing what they was taught in order to take care of us. But financially, my family really never made any progress.  And now that I am grown with a family of my own, I seen myself continuing this terrible legacy. (I won't really talk too much about the grind and how much I hate it because I already discussed that in a previous blog) It seemed as if the grind was never ending. And when you are poor, the only way out is to become rich. But all you really is doing is graduating to the hustle. And when your rich, you have to hustle every single day in order to stay rich and not become poor again. Yes your bank account may be a little bit better, but is your quality of life better? Isn't the hustle just the rich man's grind? It seems like it's not much of a step up when you think about it logically. So I wanted to know where was the sweet spot. Where you didn't have to grind and hustle your life away. And that's when I learned about wealth. Wealthy people don't grind or hustle. They execute! They come up with a plan and follow it completely. This plan comes from years and years of planning.  What separates them from the rich is that they create a platform in order to enhance their quality life not just for today but for tomorrow. They create a legacy that can be passed down to their family. The rich only thinks about today or just their life time. And most of the time, when they die, their riches die with them because the only thing they left their family was money and no knowledge . In which family members take that money, spend it, and when it's gone, it's back to grinding with the hope of becoming a hustler. 

I went back to school to learn how to execute. I don't want to become rich, I want to create wealth so that when I pass away, my family will not only have money, but also the know how/knowledge to sustain wealth so that they can have a better quality of life then I had. I don't want them to have to grind or hustle. I want them to know about creating a legacy. 

I have faith in what I'm trying to do. I know this is no small feat, and I may not accomplish what I want to accomplish in my lifetime, but I feel like I'm making progress because I'm atleast introducing a new way of thinking to my family. 

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