Do The LeBron Shake Off!

Yes, I know... Weird title for a  blog, but roll with me for a second... If you seen LeBron play before, you know what I am talking about.  LeBron is known for being a power player. And he uses that power to cut and slash through the lane for easy shots. But since he plays that way, he is also known for taking hard fouls. But after the foul, when most people would still be laying down on the ground trying to regroup themselves, what LeBron do is hop u,  and give us a "little shake off." As if to tell us, "Nice hit  but I gotta keep going.... I will keep going"  So how is this relevant? Well its relevant to life in general. Every day we wake up, and people left and right try to jab and hit us with their hardest blows to try and knock us out, but like LeBron, we gotta shake it off and keep going. Lebron will probably tell you that the reason why he is able to shake off those rough hits because he trained and prepared himself for it. We should do the same. Prepare and train for those people that try to make you quit and lose track of what's the most important thing in your life, accomplishing your goals.  Every time I get down on myself, and start to doubt my abilities, I think about Lebron and what he would do when faced against adversity.

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