Going Vegetarian...For the long haul? Nope Done!

Okay Folks! Well it looks like my vegetarian days are done...for now. I ate meat for the first time in almost 2 months and it was good!!! First it was some shrimp from Cheesecake Factory and then another day I had some stuffed tilapia in the plate that you see above from Red Lobster. I still haven't had any chicken, pork, beef, etc. I don't know if I will either. I'm just taking things day by day, and see how I feel. That's whats important right now. But...

A few things that I have noticed after going vegetarian:

1. Yes it is true, you do start to forget what meat tastes like. Its weird, like I have been eating meat my whole life and in a short 50 days, I can't remember the taste of chicken or steak.

2. You start to worry if what you are being served has meat in it. I went to Champps the other day and I ordered some potato soup and I asked them not to put bacon in it. But I think they slipped a piece in. I think...Not sure.

3. Most restaurants don't have any vegetarian meals. Its hard finding something to eat.

4. Your appetite changes. I am a lot less hungry.

5. When you tell someone that you are a vegetarian, they always respond-I don't know how you do it.

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