I Apologize...

To all the people that I don't speak to on a regular basis,

To all my family members that I don't see that often,

To my wife, for the dumb things I have done in the past, and will do in the future,

To my daughter and unborn children,

To the hearts that I have broken,

To the hurt I have caused,

For my mistakes,

To our God,

I apologize...

The older wiser I get, I'm starting to realize more and more how important it is to apologize. Back in the day, I use to think that it was a sign of weakness. Or a competitive thing. Admitting that I am wrong and you are right, thing. But its not that at all...An apology is growth. It shows how much heart you have and your ability to love and admit that you are not perfect. I tell people all the time that I am a work in progress. I never try and play like I got everything together. Apologizing is something I constantly have to work on. And anything that I can do to help someone better themselves, actually makes me better. Just some thoughts...

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