My House: One Year Later...

In between writing 3 papers for classes, I wanted to take some time to celebrate one year of being a homeowner. Not much, I can say but...I LOVE IT! I wish I could tell you that we have made big changes since we moved in a year ago, but I would be lying to you. We hung up a T.V. a picture and got some furniture. But our home is still a clean slate. I am kind of glad that we took a year to just see how we utilized all the spaces that we have in our home. So now that we have been here for awhile, we have a better idea of what we want to do. Paying the mortgage have been no joke, but it is totally worth it to have your own space. I learned how to cut grass (all over again) and I learned about shoveling snow (which I never really had to do too much of growing up and living in apartments). We don't really have a relationship with our neighbors. I see them every once in awhile and give them a friendly wave or "Hi", but that's about it. And we enjoy taking walks when the weather is decent. Since they have completed construction on our street and the one behind us, we really don't hear the new houses being built. (There is one spot left for a house to be built behind our house so its no telling when they will beginning construction on it). All in all, its been a pretty good experience. A new build was definitely the way to go for us. Things I hope that we accomplish this year is: Get more furniture, put up pictures, Do a deep cleaning to keep things fresh and new, and  just overall make the house feel more like a home.

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