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Spring time is finally here...And also my first blog of April?!?!?!?!..I'm slipping, I know.....Well anyway, whats going on my people?? Nothing much here, just maintaining and trying my best not to complain about things that I can not change. I started a new job and so far, it is kinda boring. My 9 year anniversary was on the 28th of March also:) I'm actually writing this at work because of the lack of work that my department has. But from my understanding, things will pick up in a couple of months. School is going well. Currently taking Leadership Fundamentals course (Exciting) and Literary Discourse (Not so Exciting). After these courses I will only have four more classes....Woohoo!!!!! I can see the light at the end of the tunnel...

I have been thinking a lot about a bunch of different stuff lately. One in particular is destiny, and if it exist. What do you guys think about destiny? Do you think you are here for one purpose? Do you think you have found that purpose? Destiny is a strong and mysterious thing if you think about it. Its like, from what you know, it is there and it seem like the only right thing to do is to chase it with hopes that it would define the sole reason why God put you on this earth. Or should you chase it? Or will it just find you? But if you feel that you never reached your destiny, are you considered a failure?

Sorry, just rambling...Just letting the keys on the keyboard fall with each typed word and seeing what formulates. A lot of people should do this...People put so much emphasis on being politically correct and editing their initial thoughts that their true purpose for saying what they wanted to say is immediately lost before they even begin to speak. You see it all the time...The hesitation to click send...The need to take back what you said...The need to back track instead of move forward...I have accepted that I may not say the right things all the time. Hell, I make a lot of mistakes in grammar and punctuation. But when it comes to my blog, I want to be as real as possible...Bad English and all...Haha...The point is to feel and understand where I am coming from.

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