A Soldier & Father's Day

I was a soldier before I went to the military.   It's like I was raised to be one and didn't even know it. My father always emphasized, "family over everything".  Always take care of yours.... Do whatever you need to do to make sure you provide for your family.  When times get hard, I just think about the many lectures my dad use to have with me.  Back then, I looked at it as him just talking out of his you know what. And he probably thought that I was half listening to him. But the older I get, I realize that he was just teaching me how to be a man.  Giving me guidance.  Preparing me for the life events that I encounter now.  Training me to be strong.  Training me to be a soldier.  There are days when I am dead tired, have extreme neck and back pain, and just stressed to the max.  But a soldier is taught to fight through all of that. A soldier is taught to go on regardless and don't be afraid. Don't be afraid because I was BUILT for this. A soldier knows that God is the General and he will take care of all.

I still remember the day I told my Dad that I was enlisting in the Army. He really didn't say much afterwards because he knew that I would be fine. He knew that I was already a soldier because he trained me that way.  I love you Dad and Happy Father's Day.

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