Got Accepted to Graduate School!!!

Yes, I'm excited and nervous at the same time. It's like I never, never, thought I would be going to graduate school but its funny how things work out. I guess you can say that this is me pushing myself. Like Lebron always say, "Strive For Greatness" Well, this is me striving for greatness. I don't know how this will pan out. But I promise you this, I will give it my all. And hopefully at the end of 18 months, I will have those three letters at the end of my name: MBA:) Anyway, let me not get ahead of myself. I still have to finish out my bachelor program for crying out loud. I am finishing up my second to last class Thursday and I just received my syllabus for my final class.

I love my new job. It is probably the best job that I have ever had. (Besides the military) I think I was made to work for a small company. Everyone is so laid back and its nice knowing everyone's name. The Partners that own the company are pretty cool and friendly also. Don't get me wrong, there is a lot of work, but its a lot different because of the environment that I am in. From the potlucks and the happy hour invites, I can tell this is a different place. As of right now, I am comfortable and could see myself staying with this company for awhile-as long as things don't change too much. But we shall see.

Got a new phone too! I'm leaving the Galaxy Note 2 and going to the LG Nexus 5. I'm not going to lie, I have wanted a pure Google phone for the longest. I know it is kinda old now (It came out in October 2013) but the reason why I decided to dedicate my next two years to this phone is because it will be the first phone to get the newest Android update. So even though the hardware will be old, it won't seem that way because it will have the latest software from Android. I will miss the battery life of the Note 2. I won't miss the size of it though. I have small hands and I really never got use to it. The best part out of all of this, is that I only paid $20 for the Nexus 5.

Well let me get going. I should be able to have more opportunity to blog because of my new job. But I don't know how often I will because of Grad School. I will keep you guys updated though...

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2 Responses to Got Accepted to Graduate School!!!

  1. Congratulations, homie! You have no reason to be nervous, you got this. And congrats on finding a job you actually like. That in itself is very hard to do.

  2. Thanks Scott, I really appreciate that!