Find Your Place...

Competition, Competition, Competition...

That is all people focus on today.

How can I beat the next guy or girl? How can I be better than them?

Competition will always be around as long as businesses are around. But I remember sitting in one of my business classes, and we were talking about focusing on finding your place instead of trying to go only for the "top dog" spot. Your market may be flooded with all kinds of competition and it's probably hard to get your products or services to stand out among all of them. So instead of trying to beat them at something that they probably already mastered, try and find a market/area that they are not currently touching. I currently work for a place that is doing this and it has been working out quite nicely for them. What I'm trying to say is, be the best at what YOU do. See what others may not see instead of what everyone else sees. I would rather be successful in a market where there is less competition, than mediocre in a market that is flooded with people that do the same exact thing that I do. This is for all of my people that are currently on the entrepreneurship path. Hell, this may be something that you already know. If now, hopefully this gives you some ideas on how to look at a situation another way.

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