Future Plans for my Blog

I been thinking about what I want to do with my blog.

I have a business degree now and I really been thinking about maybe expanding "abw711" as a brand. I don't know, just thinking out loud and just brainstorming. I just worry about having time to do everything. From being a husband, starting Grad school, a second child, to working full time, its going to be hard for me to squeeze in enough time to dedicate to blogging.

But blogging is important to me, so I still want to do it. So I will find some time, somewhere.

Again, its never been about how many visitors I get. I didn't want to do this solely to gain visitors.

Its mainly been about me just having an outlet to share my thoughts and feelings on different things. And if it happens to help or touch a couple of people, then that's cool.

So some of the ideas, that I have is maybe a redo of the design of my blog. Redo the logo. Maybe start doing some video blogging also. I'm starting to get into photography more, so I think I want to start just posting photos that I take with an artistic twist.

Also maybe look into having some guest bloggers. I think its good to get other people perspective on things that I feel that my readers would like.

I have a Facebook page that I created for my blog, but I need to update it and make sure that my posts get posted there also.

Overall, I want to become a better writer and blogger. I need to have better quality everything.

Well, those are the things that I am thinking about doing as this year ends and 2015 quickly approaches. Some of these will get done, and some of them won't. But I appreciate all of you that take time to read up on what's new with me. I humbly thank you.

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