The 5:00 AM Run

It was an early October morning,
While my world continued to sleep,
I rolled out of bed to fulfill a promise.
Stumbled around,
In the cold darkness of my house,
I got dressed, and moved towards the door.
I opened it.
As the cool air hit my face,
It sent a shock throughout my entire body.
I was fully awake.
Looked around at the quiet street,
Lit up only by some houses here and there,
I prepared myself for a therapy session.
This was the only time where I felt alone.
With only the thoughts of yesterday,
And plans of tomorrow,
I prepared to meditate, and embraced peace.
As I took a break from the stress,
I prepared for rejuvenation,
And for my heart to reboot,
I went over the route in my head one last time,
Took a deep breath,
And started to run.

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