Currently feeling like...

"Lock ya self in a room doing 5 beats a day for 3 summers" - Kanye West

The sacrifice will be all worth it...

This picture showed a man that had a master plan, and worked his ass off to put that plan into motion. Just look at Kanye. He looks lonely, focused, determined and relentless...But also, tired, hungry, broke, poor, dirty...Many people know what this feeling is like...Hell, many people is probably going through this right now. But only a handful of people make it. Only a handful of people put themselves in a position where there was no way they could be told "NO!" I seen this picture and immediately got a burst of energy. I immediately was reminded that the words that I say will have no impact if I am not able to show results. Its not about obtaining millionaire status, its about obtaining family wealth. Remember that knowledge is wealth. Its about showing that return on investment.

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