Why Ohio Against The World?

So, The Ohio State University just won the first college football playoff championship, which capped off a remarkable season. Why was it remarkable you may ask? Well they won it all using a third string quarterback who only started in three games. (Which includes the championship game) Due to that situation, most people counted them out. As a Ohioan, it seems like we are always being counted out. Besides my beloved Buckeyes, Ohio teams usually don't win it all. Sure, it has been plenty of times we have came close, but we seem to fall short of the ultimate goal. A championship. I say all of this to say that we are "almost" always looked at as underdogs. (And I'm not just talking sports) So why, Ohio Against The World? Why do people from Ohio go so hard??? Being from Ohio, it seem like we always got something to prove. I didn't grow up in a concrete jungle. I grew up in a suburban neighborhood. With grass. Most of the time. I can't relate to the big city, bright lights. The only lights, I knew growing up was Northern Lights Shopping Center. We are looked at as small town nobodies that have nothing to bring to the table. Which is totally false. Everyday we prove why that statement is wrong. We are constantly fighting for respect. Till then, when the majority is against you the minority will show you what they are capable of. Ohio Against The World.

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