What's Up World!!!

Hello People! Just checking in to let you guys know what's going on with "yours truly". Well I just finished up my third graduate class, and everything seems to be going okay. I should actually be reading right now, but my procrastination is like no other!!! Only nine more classes!!! I can't wait to be done. I am learning a lot though. I'm learning how to be more of a leader. I think I was put here to spread my knowledge and inspire. Help others, help others. Well, that is what I want to do. Be what that person needs in order to motivate them to get over that next hump. Anyway, oh my wife is in her 3rd trimester. Baby Alissa will be here very soon. We got her crib up and some clothes the other day. We are about to really start to get everything that we need for her now so that we are not scrambling last minute. Had some car trouble also. Well not too bad, Tire blew, then the spare blew. Got both repaired so everything is all good. I feel really blessed, because it could of been a lot worse. Especially with all the ice and snow that we have on the roads at this time of the year. I'm done with this weather. I am about to really seriously think about getting ready to move out of state. I just can't deal with the cold anymore. I'm thinking North Carolina, or Virginia. Anyway, everything is subject to change. We shall see. Well, that is all I have as of right now. Next month I will be married for 10 years. I am so proud of that milestone. Will speak on that a little bit more later. Peace!

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