My New Daughter, Alissa

Here I go again, having these hiatuses and not letting you guys know about it. Things have been crazy busy. Nothing more important than the birth of my new daughter. I forgot what it was like to have to get up and feed and change a newborn every 2-3 hours. It is tough! Especially on top of working full time, and being a full time grad student. My wife gets all the credit though. She is the one that takes care of everything. I just do my best to help her as much as I can. My first born has adjusted to being a big sister also. On most days. We have been trying to make sure that she knows that our love is still the same for her and make sure that she is getting the attention she deserves. Other than that, school is going well. I complete my 5th class tomorrow. Only 7 more to go! I'm almost at the halfway mark and can now say I graduate in less than a year. I cannot wait. I am counting down the days till I can stop worrying about assignments, papers, test, etc. And start worrying about other things. Yes, I tend to worry too much. Anyway, just wanted to post a quick blog, and be out...

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