In Retrospect...

The older I get the more I realize what is important in life... I think about growing up and how important it was to have a stable home. I think about how fortunate I was to have a father that was there for me, regardless of what I had going on... School recitals, award ceremonies, basketball games, etc. He was always there for me. Always... He never let me down... Or made me feel less important...I'm fortunate to have a mother that made sure every birthday was special. Even when dead broke she made sure that my stomach was full. When I was hurt, she did her best to comfort me, and tell me everything will be ok. I guess I wasn't able to really appreciate what they done till I had kids of my own... I look at my daughters and think... The most precious gift I could give them.... is just being there. I see people wasting their life away, chasing money or chasing a dream that made them so delusional that they made themselves believe that this "grind"  is for their kids... When all their kids really want is for them not to be second place to something that may or may not pan out. Maybe that is the reason why I haven't been so quick to jump back into business. I don't know... I may never become rich.... I may never become wealthy... But one thing I will make sure of, is that I will always be there... Just like my parents were for me... Because at the end of the day... What is more important? What will be your kids fondest memory of you?

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