My 35th Birthday...

Well another birthday has come and go.... I turned 35 yesterday and I'm thankful for another year of life. It was an interesting start to my birthday  weekend. My car broke down on Friday night and so I had to spend my birthday (Saturday) getting a rental car and figuring out if it's even worth trying to get the car fixed. All in all, I wasn't too upset. Which was odd. All I can think about was how blessed and fortunate I was. I even thanked God for everything he has done instead of asking him why would he do this to me. Even as I type this, I'm still not sure what's going to happen with the car and how I'm going to get to work and school, but I'm not worried. I think my A-ha moment was when I was sitting in the living room of my four bedroom house, with a full stomach, trying to come up with a plan, when it all of a sudden hit me. I thought to myself... look around! , I'm complaining and worrying when things could be a hell of a lot worse. Like really?!?! It's people out here on the corner, begging for pennies, and I'm sitting up in my house like, why me??? God only puts his children through tough situations because he made us to be able to surpass them. I'm glad he continues to test me because in the end it will only make me stronger. Another sign that God is at work is allowing my birthday to be rain free. We have been getting a ton of rain this summer in Columbus, Ohio. It's been raining almost everyday. But not Saturday. As a matter of fact, it was clear and full of sunshine. One of the best days we had in weeks. And not one single drop of rain. I couldn't help but look up at the sky and smile. He did that for me. And this morning, the rain unfortunately resumed. Another year older, but most importantly, another year wiser. Now let me get off of here and start to make this year of life better than the year before.

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