Another Year in the Books...

Wow...Looking back....2015 was great....Instead of making some long essay about it, I figured I would just list the top ten things that I will always remember about the year.

No particular order.

1.  I seen my Buckeyes win ANOTHER National Championship.
2.  My Cavs went back to the NBA Finals.
3.  My daughter Alissa was born.
4.  I got a new car of the same year.
5.  Three of my closest friends also had kids this year
6.  Gas prices got as low as $1.59 per gal.
7.  I asked for a $9000 increase in pay at work....and I actually got it.
8.  Took the hardest college course I have ever taken.
9.  I surpassed 10 years of marriage.
10. My Mom and Dad moved out of my childhood home.

Overall, this year has been very productive.  I'm definitely looking forward to 2016 though.  Why? Because then I could say, "I graduate with my Master's this year". My wife should also be receiving her Master's this upcoming year.

Life is full of ups and matter how good things get, or how hard life become...I gotta remember how blessed I am to be alive and enjoy this journey God has allowed me to go on....2016 is about continuing to find my purpose...

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