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I wanted to take my time to chime in on the most recent events involving African Americans, and the excessive force used by police personnel.  Even as I type this, I am still at a loss for words (shock).  No, that is a lie.  There is SO MUCH that I want to say, but I don't want my emotions to steer me into a direction to where my message that I want to convey gets lost.  So, I will do my best to try and stick to the point.  Police brutality is an issue for all of us.  I am so tired of seeing my brothers and sisters being killed by officers who took the law into their own hands.  But what is even more upsetting, is when I see people going about their day as if it doesn't have anything to do with them.  Or people who try to avoid the conversation as if this issue doesn't exist.  ALL OF US SHOULD BE ADVOCATING FOR ANSWERS AND RESOLUTION TO THIS GROWING MATTER.  The deaths of minorities in the hands of police officers is not a coincidence.  "Black Lives Matter" is not meant to be just a "black thing" to spear a race war.  It is a humanity thing that was created to bring awareness to lives who were cut short because of reasons that aren't justified.  I not only shed tears because of the deaths that occurred due to ignorance & hatred, but also because of the thought of this escalating to a point unimaginable.  We, as a group of people UNITED, should know that this can no longer continue.  And killing each other in retaliation is counterproductive and do not solve anything.  Technology, has allowed us to increase the spread of our message to others, and to come together and discuss topics that may or may not affect us directly.  We should continue to take advantage and use it as a catalyst for change in a positive direction.  I don't know about you guys, but I don't want to log into Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. and see pictures and videos, of MY PEOPLE, beaten, bloody, and crying out of despair.  But I also cannot go about my life ignoring what is really happening in our community and all around the world.  I will continue to pray that the protest and uproar currently going on goes beyond just being a "hashtag" or current event that everyone talks about for awhile, then disappears to make room for the next topic.  I will continue to pray for families who have lost loved ones, with hopes that any message that comes from me or anyone, helps them cope with dealing with the irreplaceable void in their lives.  I'm all about love.  Mainly, because I feel that coming together, eliminating ignorance, and truly understanding each others reasons and beliefs, is a great starting point to achieving our ultimate goal.  Which is to end the deaths of family members and friends gone way too soon, and to live in peace NOW with each other without worrying about being treated differently because of a prejudice.  So please continue to let your voice be heard. Share your thoughts, opinions, beliefs, etc. with each other and educate those who are willing to reach out and learn instead of judge.  I love all of you, and appreciate anyone who took time to read this.

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